Wanderings + Wonderings: Exploring Falkirk Demonstration Gardens


          As a favorite lunch spot for some of the studio, the Falkirk demonstration garden maintained by the Marin Master Gardeners, is our latest wandering.  It is a great resource for the plant lovers of Marin County and anyone feeling a little stuck on a planting design and needing some inspiration. There is year around interest amongst the succulent, Mediterranean, and greenhouse gardens along with helpful name plates to identify what exactly you’re looking at. Paths allow visitors to pass through plant masses and large pieces of granite provide places to sit with your sandwich.

I chose this wandering place because I may secretly dream of being a dahlia lady with a wide brim hat and my hands in the dirt…someday long from now. I think the work the Marin Master Gardeners do is incredible and deserves attention for their efforts.

Falkirk is located at 1408 Mission Avenue, San Rafael, CA


Marin Master Gardeners

Falkirk Demonstration Garden