Eat, plant, drawdown! – CSU Lecture series, March 3, 2021

Some say eat, pray, love – we say eat, plant, drawdown!

As part of Colorado State University’s LA days lecture series March 3, 2021 | 5pm MST (4pm PST) , April Phillips will be presenting her research: Eat – plant – drawdown: why designing for climate matters. This is a free event open to all.


Landscape architects must look at the hidden connections between climate adaptation, urban agriculture, food waste, community equity, and public health. There is a distinct advantage for designers and planners in gaining a deeper understanding of how climate positive solutions build community resilience, why systems thinking is key to solving the climate crisis, and why addressing the food landscape matters in shaping a more equitable and healthier, more nourished world.  

April will explore the hidden connection between food waste, hunger and climate; ecological design and food shed planning principles through real world case studies and the tools available for landscape architects to shape climate and food policy

And while you’re at it, check out the impressive lineup speaking alongside April!

April Philips, March 3, 5PM MST 

Thomas Woltz, March 10, 5PM MST   

Blaine Merker, March 24, 5PM MST

Chris Grubbs, April 7, 5PM MST

See you there!