Adaptive Reuse is a Game Changer for Sustainable Development

If you are working towards a LEED certification for your project, have you thought about SITES? SITESv2 and LEEDv4 have more synergies in common than you might think. Much of the work that counts towards LEED can also help your project become SITES certified especially when it comes to designing for lifecycle aspects.

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There are specific alignments between both certifications in the credit for adaptive reuse. Adaptive reuse is the use of materials or structures for a purpose other than the original intent. It is both a creative challenge and a springboard for innovative design solutions. Embracing adaptive reuse is one of the key components in the design for the Alameda Point Waterfront Park, on a former Naval Air Station site decommissioned over twenty years ago.

180810_Waterfront View with Container VillageIncorporating an adaptive reuse strategy early in the design helped to ensure client and community support in producing an adaptive reuse development focused on sustainable design.


To learn more about SITES credits and certification, come see April, Hunter and Meg’s talk on SITES Materials Credits for Project Life-Cycle: Deconstruction, Reuse, Specification, and Maintenance at the ASLA 2018 Annual Meeting and EXPO in Philadelphia, October 19- 22. April will be discussing how adaptive reuse plays a game changing role in the SITESv2 materials lifecycle credits and will further outline synergies between SITESv2 and LEEDv4.