Women in Landscape Architecture


April Philips Design Works was featured in the October issue of Landscape Architect and Specifier News Click here for Article .

Selected as one of the top twelve women in Landscape Architecture, April was interviewed to empower women in Landscape Architecture. April Philips is the owner of APDW which was founded in 1998. The firm is a certified female owned small 38-doloresbusiness. April has been a leader and advocate for the development of sustainable landscapes over the past decade. For her design and advocacy work she was awarded an ASLA fellowship in 2010, one of the youngest females ever to receive such an honor. As a national lecturer, she tirelessly promotes awareness of sustainability and the revitalization of degraded environments.

Recently April has been in the news due to the release of her book “Designing Urban Agriculture – A complete Guide to the Planning, Design, Construction, Maintenance, and Management of Edible Gardens” available here.
The publication has only reiterated her devotion to sustainability and the motivation to share with the millions. Our favorite quote from the article that we felt embodied the purpose of the series was; “It is all about finding your passion. Let the passion of your career path guide you in the direction of where you want to go. The path you’ve chosen should not be “just a job”, as that will stifle passion. Soak up every project, place, job, and listen, learn and grow”. 


We’d like to thank Landscape Architect and Specifier News for featuring APDW and the other twelve women in this series. It will bode well for the development of future women in Landscape Architecture and we are more than grateful to be involved.