Washington State University – Food Stories: Designer as Change Agent


April Philips will be sharing her knowledge of urban agriculture with the young minds of Washington State University this Tuesday, February 16th at the school of design + construction lecture series.combo Designing urban agriculture provides designers a key role in expanding the dialogue on the ways to invite food back into the city as an integral part of the city’s green infrastructure web. This is a critical starting point to envisioning more resilient cities and communities. Urban agriculture and food landscapes are ripe to play an important part in the education of the connection between food, health and ecology to society as a whole. Food is a platform from which designers can address elements of community, ecology, and livability including the physical, social economic and environmental health of a city. There are lessons to be learned from innovative urban ag typologies that demonstrate how projects are successfully re-connecting people with their local and regional food systems through a systems thinking approach that promotes design thinking in terms of relationships, connectedness and context. Buy the Book Here!book-cover