(sub)Urban Agriculture

Since April Philips and her design staff would love to transform the entire world into an edible landscape Garden of Eden, we were thrilled when a homeowner contacted us about transforming his family’s home into an urban homestead.  It’s true that most of our work is larger in scale, but due to the owner’s knowledge and enthusiasm for an edible landscape, we jumped at this unique opportunity.

The underlying challenge was that much of the space was on a steep slope, so it took some imagination (and a little math) to work with the existing contours while providing garden paths, compost bins and a chicken run.  A few minimal stone walls and a switch back path allow a ‘wheelbarrow worthy’ path from top to bottom, with a few special moments along the way – not just berry patches, but a stone couch and garden swing!

It’s always exciting to see an idea become a drawing, and then the drawing become reality.  May the hens grow happy and healthy and the fruit harvests grow larger and sweeter for many years to come!!