Marin Gateway

APDW’s renovation of the Marin Gateway Shopping Center has officially opened!

A Brief History

Marin Gateway is a community with strong roots in its location on the San Francisco Bay and its southern Marin maritime heritage. The palette of materials, colors, plants, and forms are drawn from the coastal waterfront location and unite the project’s elements.


Design Details

The project’s location between Tennessee Valley and Richardson Bay is it’s primary asset. Our team has tried to integrate more coastal plants into the palette to increase ecological health, plant viability, texture and color.

The use of bold maritime graphics on building facades and the establishment of a maritime material vocabulary into the designed spaces.

One of the main goals of the landscape design was to create outdoor spaces that invite lingering, create spaces that are comfortable, and provide a social heart that is warm and exciting.

The new Marin Gateway is a casual place where things come together and built on local roots; a place where new memories will be made. Despite the overall scale of the center, there are smaller, more inviting pockets for gathering.

We hope Marin Gateway will become a true gateway to wine country, Muir Woods, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Overall Design

Come by and check it out at 190 Donahue St, Sausalito, CA 94965!