Easy, Green but Healthier than Grass: Ruschia ‘Nana’ – Dwarf Carpet of Stars


At APDW, we seek to explore the best material options for our projects based on site specific conditions. We constantly research and set up meetings with vendors to keep up and educate ourselves, to practice sustainable/ regenerative landscape.  In regards to what we’ve learned, just a little peek, we’d like to introduce you a great green California lawn alternative, the Ruschia lineolata ‘ Nana’  – Dwarf Carpet of Stars.


Ruschia ‘Nana’ is an evergreen succulent that is walkable. The compact habitat suppresses weed growth and its toughness makes it an excellent option for planting next to pavers, walkways and patios. Best of all, it requires 75% less water than a typical lawn and is relatively maintenance free. Recently, we’ve specified Ruschia ‘Nana’ as “lawn area” plant in our Tech campus project in Milpitas to benefit from these highlighted characters.

Stay tuned. We’ll keep you in the loop and share how Ruschia ‘Nana’ establishes.

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