Coming Soon: The Union Flats!

APDW is very excited to announce that our project, The Union Flats in Union City, CA is on track to be completed in September of 2017!Sized_The_Union_Flats_Bird's-Eye-Perspective

This project was a collaboration between APDW and David Baker Architects, to design a 243 unit mixed use housing complex right across from Union City’s intermodal transit hub. The project will include a pedestrian friendly, stormwater collecting streetscape, and an inner courtyard complete with pool, spa, dining, and BBQ areas for residents. We also designed three green roofs to adorn the modular club room, leasing office and fitness center within the courtyard.
The planting and paving design was inspired by the color block paintings of Brice Marden.thira-1980.jpg!BlogThis is especially evident in plan view. Stripes of planting run horizontally through the entire courtyard, and stripes of paving run perpendicular to planting.
Sized_Windflower_Courtyard Illustrative PlanSpecimen trees and a border of ferns will help to define the casual dining area just outside the entrance to the fitness center, so residents can stop to chat with their neighbors after practicing some yoga.
On the opposite end of the courtyard, residents will find spaces for entertaining and grilling, framed either by twinkling string lights or climbing vines. Stormwater planting against the building will help to slow and hold water during the rainy season.Sized_The_Union_Flats_BBQ-Perspective
We think The Union Flats will successfully foster a sense of community, creativity and sustainability, and we can’t wait to see the finished product.

If you would like to learn more about the project, take a peek at the construction process, or find out how to lease one of these desirable new homes, click here!

If you would like to see an animated flythrough of the space as we have imagined it, click here!