APDW Named one of the Most Sustainable Landscape Architects in Alameda County by Stop Waste


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We were thrilled to learn this week, that three APDW projects are highlighted in “Sustainable Landscapes in Alameda County, 2005 – 2017″ and ranked as among the most sustainable projects in Alameda County by Stop Waste, a public agency with the express goal of reducing waste in Alameda County. The projects are: Harbor Bay Medians, Bay Street Plaza, and VF Outdoor.  According to the report, these three projects collectively save a total of 4,555,747 gallons of water per year and sequester 246 tons of CO2E per year.


VF Outdoor was the top-rated project in the Commercial category, with a Bay- Friendly score of 105. This LEED Platinum waterfront office campus is home to leading brands in outdoor and athletic apparel such as: The North Face, JanSport, and Lucy. The campus includes an organic edible garden, a butterfly garden, waterfront trails, wind turbines, and a solar grove parking lot. The vision for the project came from the company’s environmental goals that include exploration and stewardship of the earth. Resilient strategies for the site include infiltration gardens that capture stormwater runoff, a climate responsive plant palette, use of integrated pest management strategies for landscape maintenance, and revitalizing soil planting medium with the use of recycled, local mulch and compost.



VF Outdoor alone posts some impressive statistics*:

  • 954,000 gallons of water saved by using drought-tolerant and native plants
  • 50% of recycled landscape construction waste
  • 622 tons of local, recycled compost used
  • 194 tons of local, recycled mulch used
  • 100% of newly installed plants are low water use species
  • 49-103 estimated tons of greenhouse gas reductions per year

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The importance of moving towards sustainable and resilient design cannot be understated. It’s good to know that our efforts are supported by evidence that quantifies and communicates the positive impact designers are having on our shared resources. APDW is optimistically working towards a more resilient future, what could we accomplish together?

*For more information about Stop Waste and to see other projects that made the list, head over to