APDW joins California Green Business Network


APDW is now a certified California Green Business. This means that our studio environment complies with the environmental regulations in the areas of waste, energy, water, pollution prevention, and air quality. We believe that our daily habits and decisions such as using LED light fixtures, recycled papers and ink, non-toxic cleaners, compost bins might be considered a bit of a notion, but once established, radial change awaits when everybody does likewise!

Here’s what 3,108 certified businesses accomplished over the last year in 2018:

  • Greenhouse gas reduction: 356,322 metric tons

(= planting 419 trees in one year)

  • Utility Savings: $9,000,000
  • Solid waste diverted from landfills: 122,030 metric tons

(= 15,253 garbage trucks worth of waste)

  • Water saved: 60,621,760 gallons

We are grateful we are Green.  APDW ‘s design process + outcome is Green.