PROJECTDixie Rain Garden
CLIENTDixie Elementary School + Dixie School District
LOCATIONSan Rafael, California

In theĀ fall of 2007, APDW and the landscape construction firm of Cagwin & Dorward, in conjunction with Dixie Elementary School and numerous donors and volunteers, completed a Rain Garden in the Loop, at Dixie Elementary School in San Rafael, California. The beautification project also is a demonstration garden that educates the students and community about ecology, sustainability and community, as well as being a case study garden to advance sustainable landscaping industry practices beyond the current status quo. The case study will research whether garden beauty can grow and flourish without traditional landscape life support (irrigation and fertilizer). Sustainable strategies that the case study will evaluate include how compost and organics improve soil health, how plant health responds to soil health, how the underground natural cistern aids in water conservation efforts, and how the use of materials provides for zero waste.