PROJECTStacy and Witbeck
CLIENTSRM Associates
SCOPELandscape Architecture & Illustration
STAGECompleted 2012
BIOREGIONMediterranean: Central California Coast

The Stacy and Witbeck project is a new approach to a waterfront business park that creates an inviting, relaxing and visually appealing space for the tenants and the surrounding residential neighborhood. The design focus was the creation of a work environment with flexible outdoor spaces, preserved view corridors, well defined circulation, and integrative sustainable building techniques. Through a unified design language, the entire landscape becomes an inviting passage or journey between buildings, parking and the waterfront. In addition, design strategies that incorporate the use of native and climate appropriate plants promote water conservation, improve water quality and increase water absorption from the roofs and site into the landscape. The innovative sustainable landscape design helps to protect the Alameda watershed. The landscape strategies foster interaction among people, plants, birds and animals and heighten the appreciation of the shoreline setting.