PROJECTHarbor Bay Medians
CLIENTHarbor Bay Business Park Association
SCOPELandscape Architecture & Illustration
STAGECompleted 2011
BIOREGIONMediterranean: Central California Coast

The Harbor Bay Median Project is a certified Bay Friendly Landscape located on the main thoroughfare of the Harbor Bay Business Park.  At one and a half miles long, the aim was to reduce water consumption for irrigation of the existing turf with a new in-line irrigation system and drought tolerant plants. Rather than removing the existing lawn, sheet mulching was used to suppress the grass and weeds in order to nurture the soil and reduce waste. The result is a colorful, climate-appropriate planting  that uses a third of the water that had been used in previous years. Bay Friendly educational signage was located at the beginning and end of the trail.