PROJECTNinth Avenue
CLIENTThe Prado Group
SCOPELandscape Architecture & Illustration
LOCATIONSan Francisco, CA
STAGECompleted 2014
BIOREGIONMediterranean: Central California Coast

The Ninth Avenue project is situated within the hottest retail zone of the Inner Sunset District. The area enjoys a steady flow of residents from the neighborhood, students from UCSF and the surrounding universities, and visitors headed to and from Golden Gate Park. The area is known for its hip restaurants, overflowing cafes, and local retail. This mixed-use development includes ground floor retail, upper floor residential, and subterranean parking. The site is ideal for high quality retail that caters to the students, families, and urban professionals of the community. The private landscape provides a flexible and relaxed gathering space for the building’s residents.