APDW Stand With Greta

Sized_ECbl3kcXYAEeEquWe, APDW,

#StandWithGreta and pledge to

1. support those who wish to participate in the Climate Strike on September 20

2. encourage our firm members to be Citizen Architects

3. share our pledge with our clients, consultants, and suppliers

On August 20, 2018, 15-year-old Greta Thunberg walked out of her Stockholm school and stood in front of the Swedish Parliament building with a sign that read “School Strike for Climate.” Her demand was climate justice and a living planet.

Today, Greta is joined by tens of thousands of teenage leaders around the world who walk out of schools on Fridays to ask for decisive action on the climate crisis.


We support Greta’s call to action and pledge to #StandWithGreta on September 20 in the fight against climate change.

We also recognize the need to do more. Globally, the building sector accounts for nearly 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and buildings alone account for 72% of U.S. electricity use. The transition from fossil fuels to a thriving zero-carbon economy isn’t just possible – it is necessary. And designers must lead the way.

As members of the American design and construction industry, we are dedicated to tackling the challenging issues that threaten our planet by creating healthy, responsible, and safe communities for all.

Please join us in standing up for the next generation.



Image Source: © Twitter @ Greta Thunberg