Victory Gardens are back thanks to COVID-19!

What do you do when you are stuck at home because of Sheltering in Place? The stores are closed, and you cannot go out for meals. How about growing your OWN food? In an effort to slow COVID-19 most households stayed home, and one of the key concerns was the anxiety over food. However, instead of being paralyzed, interest in growing fresh produce at home has skyrocketed.  We are starting to realize that growing a garden can not only provide an outdoor experience to connect with nature but also create more control over our day to day reliance on food.


Across social media, household farmers and gardeners are sharing their veggie patches and produce with their communities. Why not give it a go?


Growing food at home is always a good idea, crisis or not. For those who have not yet started your own garden and needs more inspiration, check out April’s book – Designing Urban Agriculture.