To plant an olive tree


The process of planting a tree is an impressive one. We recently documented the planting of this specimen olive tree, an anchor point for the VF Outdoor edible garden.

The selection of the tree was first and paramount. The tree was meant to be the focal point and primary gathering space in the edible garden. The APDW team visited an olive nursery and selected the perfect specimen.

The tree planting was one of the first steps in the VF Outdoor edible garden installation. Preparation of the site for the olive tree’s arrival included specifying the exact location and excavating the tree pit. As the tree made the journey to  the Edible Garden @ VF Outdoor the soil was prepared.

Upon arrival, a fork lift was used to move tree from truck to tree pit and lower it down. The root protection was removed and the backfill process began. The tree pit was filled with good soil and compost tea. At last, the tree was situated and construction of the rest of the edible garden proceeded.