The book is making noise on Huffington Post, Land8 and more!


The plot to Designing Urban Agriculture thickens! July and August were very bountiful months. The book has been getting lots of press and last month we were mentioned in not one but  four places out there in the world. First, April was interviewed by the dirt diva herself, Annie Spiegelman and it landed in the Huffiington Post’s Green Blog – exciting news for us mere mortals. On a local level the interview was printed in the Pacific Sun newspaper. The book was also launched globally as a webinar on Land8  thanks to Andrew Spiering and Wiley! One Land8 blog post featured APDW as one of the 8 firms leading the way for Urban Agriculture. Plus here is one link on the top 4 books on urban agriculture. And a Land8 member spotlight on April’s reasons for writing the book.

Finally, last week our favorite store that we get our cool gadgets from – Arch drafting and art supply – hosted a book signing for April. It was a wonderful evening with old and new friends. Lots and lots of positive feedback. Thank you to everyone who supports our work and supports the movement towards the integration of food + city. Urban Agriculture rocks!