Last week the Paris Accord came to San Francisco. The Bay Area erupted in excitement as some of the greatest minds came together to strategize on how to save Mother Earth.

Climate Action Events Banner_SM The Global Climate Action Summit 2018 was a wonderful opportunity to bring climate action to the forefront of everyday conversation. So often it is the large organizations who make promises and set goals. Yet, often the most extraordinary actors are the individuals. Small groups getting good work done.

As an office we attended several events over the week. One of the main takeaways that we experienced was that as individuals we DO have a voice.  For the issues that are important to us, we don’t have to wait for permission to act!

Through the inspiration of voices like Mustafa Santiago Ali from the Hip Hop Caucus and Dr. Mildred McClain calling on us to raise our voices through empowerment and encouragement, our voices have Power. And we must not forget our government leaders like Governor Jerry Brown who signed one of the most powerful bills to reduce greenhouse emissions in California, SB100.

We heard Cameron Evans a seventeen-year-old voice for climate change reminding us that demonizing others through our rhetoric only hurts our cause.

So much of our values are shared by others, we are not alone. We are committed to sharing our expertise, our passion, and our knowledge with those seeking to create a more just and vibrant world.