Happy Summer Solstice


summer-solstice-sunrise-at-the-stonehenge-e1466179913316_sizedThe further you are towards the north pole, the longer daytime you have today, so be aware and experience the year’s longest day, shortest noontime shadow, and latest sunset. Typically, in UK, people gather around Stonehenge to watch the sun rise above the heel stone. The purpose of Stonehenge still remains unresolved but one theory is that it was used to estimate solstices and equinoxes. This was 5000 years ago, how brilliant is that!  [Image Source:]

Header-poplar-hedgerow_sizedIllustration by NASA imagining how the summer solstice sunrise might’ve looked when Stonehenge remained fully intact. [Image Source: NASA].

Daylight_Sum_Solstice_Times__1_sizedFor fun, here is a Solar Calculator provided by Alaska based climatologist Brian Brettschneider. [Image Source: Brian Brettschneider/]

So…how about a bottle of beer watching the sunset this evening?!